I Believe Your Business Should Be Enhanced By Your Internet Marketing Efforts, Not Overwhelmed or Distracted By Them.



Getting  “views”, “likes” or “followers” is the easy part… We get you in front of potential customers that are looking for your services now.


I increase your local search visibility and reputation to grab more business by making you a first choice to searchers!


I turn your website, landing pages, social media, and traffic sources into more calls, more leads and ultimately more clients!


I’ve done all the “trial and error” figuring out what works and what doesn’t for getting more leads. Take a shortcut to success with us!

I Help Businesses Grow.

Digital marketing needs vary from one business to another. No two are the same. Though the tactics often vary based on your needs, the goal of all of our efforts remain the same, to get you MORE.

Our Digital Marketing Strategies


We use the most up to date strategies and tactics to develop solutions for our clients.

Whatever you need when it comes to online marketing, we can handle it. Our number one objective is to get you more clients, more customers, and better visibility.

Website Design

Having a well-designed website that offers a great user experience is essential. I work with you to create an optimized website that not only makes a great first impression; it converts too. Because that’s what matters!

Online Reviews & Reputation

90% of people will check online reviews prior to purchasing, and the average consumer will read 10 reviews before they feel they can trust a business. Reviews matter, and the days of having just a few online reviews are gone.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the best strategies to develop and maintain relationships with prospects and customers. It is still ranked as the one of the most effective marketing channels for small businesses. We work to grow your subscriber lists and connect with them on a consistent basis.

Local SEO

I take a complete approach to your online presence. I work to develop a complete strategy that covers all aspects of your online marketing with one goal: More clients, more customers, and more sales. 

Social Media Management

Social media management goes beyond just posting updates to your company’s social media profiles. It also includes connecting and engaging with your audience and looking for new opportunities to increase visibility.

PPC Advertising

Getting your website in front of your customers organically takes time and competiton for the top spots is tough. Digital Advertising, or PPC, is a great way to get in front of more customers quickly and at the times when they’re in need of your services the most.

Small Businesses We Serve: 






Law Firms




Marine & Dock Services


Concrete Contractors


Landscaping & Lawn Care


Cleaning Services


Health Practitioners


Well Drilling


Home Remodeling


Marine & Dock Services


Food & Beverage


Tree Removal


Professional Services

HVAC Sample Site Image
  • Is it time to design a new website that works?
  • Are you too reliant on referrals to gain new business?
  • Do you feel like you’re wasting money on marketing with no returns?
  • Do you know how new clients/customers find you?
  • Do you struggle to have a plan in place to step prospects through the customer journey?

Curious how you stack up online?

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Hi, I’m McKenzie, Founder of Fresh Connect Media and Local Search Expert.


If you’re here it means you’re interested in learning more about what I can do for your business.

You may have seen me on Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, or possibly we reached out to you. Whatever brought you here, it was because you found yourself interested in what’s possible for your business online.

You might be doing quite well now, maybe you’re looking for growth, maybe you, maybe business has slowed down and you want to to see how you can get more clients who are spending time online. Wherever you find yourself now in business, I want to invite you to meet with me so that I can point you in the right direction. I won’t hard-sell you on anything, just a conversation about where you are and what I have to offer. Your strategy session is free and it’s time well-spent. You’ll at the very least walk away with some actionable items to increase your visibility to clients searching online.

3 Easy Steps To Your Success

Step 1: Free Strategy Call

I’ll ask you some questions about your business so I can understand your needs and goals and see if I’m a good fit. I’ll tell you a bit about me and how I work with clients. Then, if we are a great fit – we can talk about next steps.

Step 2: Develop a Plan

We’ll work together to determine what’s important to you and establish goals. An important part of the process is how you view success in the results and what you want to achieve. We’ll put specific metrics in place that will be evaluated along the way.

Step 3. Execute and Get Results

Now it’s time to execute and get results! We review weekly or monthly depending on the project scope and continue to enhance your marketing. We can adjust and review as needed to be sure you’re achieving the results you want. 

Gain A Competitive Advantage Over Your Local Competitors




Who is your best type of client? What type of jobs do you want more of? I’ll show you where you need to be and how I’ll get you there.



It’s not enough for your prospective clients to find you. I’ll help your prospective clients see why you’re the best choice in your area.



Get ready to start getting leads that find you through your online marketing, not a lead vendor’s website. I’ll set you apart from the rest!

3 Reasons Why Local Businesses STRUGGLE To Get Leads Online:


Their Website is collecting cyber-dust, not leads…

The function of a website is to bring targeted opportunities, not a monthly hosting invoice. Most businesses neglect their website and get very little to no traffic or leads simply because of they lack proper search engine optimization, the right elements that urge searchers to take action, and professional imagery that reflects the quality of services provided.


Losing views and clicks to their competitors…

A marketing strategy is a definite road-map that will get you found, get you known in your service area, and get you hired to do the jobs you like to be working on without adding more headaches or wasting more money. 


No time to do it or just don’t know what to do…

Business owners that want to speed up the process and start being successful online realize that they don’t have the time to do it all themselves or to learn through trial-and-error to see what works. The ones that attempt to go at it alone end up wasting time, losing money, and could have been spending their time doing what they do best. Or better yet, getting more time to do what they want.

Get Found. Get Noticed. Get More Clients!

or if you have questions, call (715) 216-7591

Why Work With Me?

I work exclusively with small businesses


I'm a local SEO & Local Maps optimization expert


I know how to get more leads and clients online


I only work with one business in an industry per service area - exclusivity